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Welcome to ColGACare!

ColGACare is an insurance-free, membership-based, Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Acute Care practice with big dreams of staying small.  We believe that breaking ties with commercial insurance companies and Medicare is the first step in restoring the doctor-patient relationship.


The corporatization of healthcare has left both patients and physicians dissatisfied.  Too many metrics, administrators, boxes to check, and overall simply too much red tape has disrupted  the doctor-patient relationship for too long.  The result has been hurried, impersonal office visits, suboptimal care, the deterioration of doctor-patient relationships, and an epidemic of burnout among caring and competent physicians.

At ColGACare we're going rogue and bringing back the cash-based, direct care practice.  Not accepting insurance means we can spend more time with our patients.  We can care for you in what we believe is the right way.  We take time to listen.  We can really get to know you without rushing.  We start by learning your concerns, your priorities, and your challenges.  Then we develop truly personalized care plans, together.

The DPC movement makes your health a priority and creates a platform for healing.  Healing for patients.  Healing for doctors.  And beginning to heal a shattered healthcare system.


We can't wait for you to join us!

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